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Inclusive. Creative. Inspiring.

At Ariel Othellos everyone has the opportunity to flourish due to the warm, friendly, fun and exciting and inclusive environment. Everyone at Ariel Othellos shares this inclusive ethos and we believe it’s simple. Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance. 

Ariel's Buddy System

The teaching is enhanced by the fact that the Othellos are supported in all classes by Ariel Academy Buddies. Our Buddies are students of all ages who volunteer by helping and building close bonds with the Othellos. Their contribution enhances the fully inclusive sessions we provide.  


Our next Showcase 3rd November 2024

Our Othellos Showcase is an annual event and is a celebration of all of our Othellos groups. Performed to sell-out audiences, this gives our students the opportunity to share the work they have created over the past year. 


LAMDA Lessons & Exams

We provide free and private LAMDA tuition and exams to Othellos and have been recognised by LAMDA as a centre of excellence for our work in this field.

Many of our students have achieved Distinctions at Medal Grades.

The one-to-one tuition is tailored to the individual and works in building confidence and giving our Othellos a true sense of achievement and pride. 

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